Welcome to East Lansdowne Elementary

We, the East Lansdowne Elementary School, a collaboration of students, parents, teachers, staff, and community, will educate our students to their full potential in becoming life long learners by maintaining high expectations and standards, and providing structure, quality instruction, support, and purposeful communication in a safe environment.

The vision of ELES encompasses the voices of students, staff, teachers, and the principal to work with parents and community members in providing a safe, structured, and rigorous learning environment, which fosters confidence and a sense of belonging.

Our students from grades kindergarten to sixth will work together cooperatively within the community’s rules and structure for the good of all. Our students will receive high quality standards based instruction in all curriculum areas.

Students will work diligently to meet grade level expectations for reaching academic achievement while acquiring the ability to:

Express themselves well through written and oral communication as well as the arts.
Develop higher order thinking skills.
Solve multi-step problems.
Integrate and use technology as a tool in their learning at a seamlessly authentic level.

Our teachers will focus instruction on high expectations for producing quality student work that meet standards. Our teachers will utilize a variety of differentiated approaches to meet students where they are academically. Our teachers will focus their instruction on students needs using standardized formative/summative data and on going progress monitoring to actively facilitate all students in each phase of the process for life-long learning.